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The Best On Mountain Dining : Part One

Do you love Japanese food? So do we! Rusutsu offers some excellent on mountain dining options. There are four cafeterias located at the different base areas, each offering a unique and delicious array of classical Japanese dishes. Below we have given you the low down...

Best Time to Visit Rusutsu

What is the best time to visit Rusutsu for you? Depending upon what you are looking for from your holiday there may be a time of the season that suits you best. Read on to find out when you should book your holiday. December The start of the season is a beautiful time...

Rusutsu’s Newest Restaurant

The most recent addition to the Rusutsu culinary scene is Rusutsu Sakaba. Found adjacent to Amuse Sports and a mere stumble from the Seicomart, this restaurant is right in the centre of the resort - easily accessible for anyone staying at The Westin or the Resort...

Why Rusutsu

Rusutsu is world famous for both the quantity and quality of it’s snow. Over 12 metres of snow will fall during the course of the 4 month winter season. An average of 10cm per day. This means that booking your ski holiday is no longer a gamble when your destination is...

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